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Through the years

Robert Plant's Face
One of the questions many people ask about Robert Plant is how did he age so quickly? Ever since the late 1990's he has gone through a transformation, and Robert Plant does not look as good as he used to in the 70's and 80's. What do you think caused this rapid aging?

I am not very familiar with his life, but most rockers age very quickly because of drug or alcohol use over time. I can think of a few rockers who look so much older than their age. He doesn't look that bad, a little prune-ish, but still tolerable.
..or try Heroin.
Robert is a genius and along with Jimmy Page they were, and still are, the greatest Rock musicians to live. Why do you care what he looks like? I find this obsession with looks the most disturbing aspect of American culture. Everyone gets old sometime!
drugs, alcohol, smoking, too much sun, not enough sleep, weight gain, stress...all these things age people quickly. and i'm sure robert's dealt with it all. but compared to all the aging rockers, he still looks the best, especially with his trim new look going on. and i don't care who you are, when you're in your 20's and 30's, you can't take a bad picture. when you get into your 40's and 50's, it's a whole different game. but most important is the soul of the man...pure, bright, full of love and creativity. now that's true beauty.

bring in on home to me, robert! i love you heart and soul...
I think Robert looks great in most of the pictures posted here. For someone photographed as much as he is, there's bound to be some unflattering pictures. I much rather Robert's natural look then a "plastic face" look like some other older rockers have. IMO, Robert Plant is still beautiful and very sexy inside and out! He can come sing to me anytime!
I love you Robert! Your still sexy to me!
I love you Robert! Your still sexy as hell... Come to mama. :)
This man has lost his son,john and his father.I think drugs,smoking and too much sex with nasty women can contribute to pre-aging .Even though i'm two and a half decades younger, i think he's beautiful.
honeydrippers live in 1981~
I love rockers of 70s.
Robert plant has got his face,genuine and not plastic face.
His voice,heart and soul,this is important,not look or body,he is a man,a wonderful man and that's enough!
What we really need to focus on is that his face has enlarged !
Robert looks sexy at any age, I have loved him forever it seems, and to me he will always be the most beautiful man in the universe. I mean this most sincerely.
Oh, old post.
Ok, seriously, of course he looks old. He's 60.
What some say about drugs, that they make you age faster I don't agree with. All the druggies I've seen/met look young for their age. It's like the drugs preseves them. Wierd, but that's the way is.
Oh, and by the way, he's still totally hot!
Robert Plant has NOT aged gracefully. He was damn sexy until the late 90's. Then his face fell apart. Compared to his great-looking younger face, it's just awful how he lost it. A lot of men who are 60 don't look good either, but they were never as sexy as Robert in his youth. That's what makes it sad.
With age comes experience and I'm sure he's earned every handsome wrinkle and each and every one boasts their own story. Rock on Robert and you can Plant one on me any time!
Hilarious site - he looks like a crocodile - maybe you should update with even more....
women did this to him plain and simple. he looks like a damn crocodile! women'll be the end of him thats fer sure
Let's face it. The guy's just old. Maybe he should get a face lift like Gene Simmons...
In robert plant's defense - sunblock wasn't invented during the 70's.... so its not his fault he looks like a weathered crocodile.
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I don't think "rapid aging" had anything to do with it, I believe it's to the contrary, Robert Plant held up above and beyond for many, many years. He is 63 years old now, so what exactly are you expecting of him? Are you expecting nature to be more kind to you? If so I've got a pair of roller skates to the park you need to try on. ~with love, Kiss My Ass.
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He was the sexiest of all and he just looks totally different. Jimmy P. and JPJ at the Kennedy Center Honors looked AMAZING - older, yes but still looked like themselves.
To the 'Patty Griffin' poster. Glad to see I'm not the only one who knows his secret. He's a Left handed Luciferian prick hole from Swabia. Killer, Rapist & Theif. There is nothing beautiful about him. I will shed no tear when this man dies.
Lol Wtf? Why are you all having a debate over his face? Lol you all are weird, Obsessed fans. Why don't you just corner him backstage and scream at him for getting a wrinkle?

Or would you prefer he has an orange scary plastic surgery clown face and joker smile like gene Simmons & co and scare little children and small pets every time he smiles at them?

So much for showing RP a "whole lotta love"

What will you all think of next? A blog called Mick Jagger's oversized scrotum in relation to his penis size?

Robert Plant has no soul. He is an empty spirit who is a devotee of Crowley. His only talent is his ambition. He surrounds himself with gifted talent to make himself look good. There is nothing about him that is expansive creatively (unless he steals it); or any thought or action that is genuinely egalitarian (unless it serves his ambition). Beware him, he is a harbinger of Death who will rob you of everything while thinking himself clever and better than you for it. He is a douchebag loser on every level. Plug your ears. Run.
When this wrinkled old fool goes, I will be the first to piss on his grave.

This is so true.
This is sad. There is NOTHING wrong with Robert's appearance. Why not try to keep your glass 1/2 full, so you will always have something to drink. You obviously are parched of intelligence. Robert Plant is like a kindred spirit, and his talent immortal. Not everyone thrives on negativity. It must be a very sad
Wow, what do the Anonymous ones above know about him that we don't know that makes him so horrible. Please share your info, I really would love to know!
Robert Plant is a witch boy
Robert Plant is still sexy, charming, talented and ruggedly handsome ! Love ya Robert !
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