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Robert Plant

Robert Plant's face
Robert Plant's face Welcome to the Robert Plant's face headquarters! Here you may post any comments on Robert Plant. He has certainly gone through a lot of changes since the days of Led Zeppelin. Nearly 30 years have passed since Zeppelin. Do you think he is too old to rock? Does his face still look presentable?

Age is just a number
Sure he can still rock... if you like saggy and creepy.
Blondes don't age well. Then again, Page didn't age well. Keith Richards especially(and Ron Wood) of the Stones look awful. David Gilmour has white hair and does Kevin Kronin (who is not even in the same class as these other super musicians/vocalist). Aging sucks..but what's the alternative?
of course he can still rock, I've seen him last friday in Nice, he is always the same, and I can recognize him through 1000 !!!
marie jo / france
Come on, one picture is enough. The guy does not have to be good looking to be a capable performer.

Would you innundate us with, let's say, Cindy Crawford's attempts to sing???
His face may look like a train wreck, but we're all getting there, right? In terms of his voice and music, he's terrific. :-)
Well, he still has all his hair, doesn´t he? he still has that voice... ("and baby baby do ya like it...")
He needs to cut his hair.
kind of looking like Gene Wilder a bit
he is still Robert Plant I wouldn't turn him down.
ha...haha...are you kiding? L0ll, thats Robert Plant! I'd have him, and anywhere! Never too old to rock..or to &*%$ either...right on Robert! Bring you're stuff this way!! And he doesnt need to cut his hair..Pshhh
I agree with HOT Anna age is just a number.
still fucking sexy.....i would so jump on that. I dont care if he is 57.....
LZ is my life, i love you and you know that!! Tehehe, you know who i am, i think anyways..if you disagree about Robert, then why bother and post something bad..just leave it alone. Leave him alone, he's great and he knows it.
He looks a lot better than you do. You're a mess.
little girls, he's not so young anymore but he still could be your back door's man...
this blog is AWESOME
Older men do it better...
What happened to this beautiful man? I don't understand why he has changed so much in 15 years. Maybe other his age get Botox and surgery. Anyway, I'd still take him.
Robert, Robert, Robert :) still got it going on, come to me baby ;)
Sad and pathetic that you have taken such a beautiful man with such a beautiful soul and turned photos into a page to be commented on as if his face is his only worth. They aren't even your photos, you should ask permission to use photos from other sites. Show a bit of class and take this horrible page down. Why not put your face here and let everyone comment?
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
U R Never 2 Old to Rock! maybe Robert Should Check Out This Site:

Look 10 Years Younger

there was a period were robert gained weight and shortened his hair... and in pictures didn't look particularly hot, like he used to when younger. but he's lost the weight and grew out his hair and looks deliciously scruffy! we all go thru "periods" of looking like crap, but this poor guy has a golden past to try to compete with. i think he's aging quite gracefully, even if he does look alittle older than 58. i'd still kiss that face!
angelavalon,you're as bad as the original blogger saying you "can't understand why he's changed so much in 15 years". He's grown older, is all. And you'd "still take him?" Is he supposed to feel flattered?
Genetics. Robert Plant has pretty much lost his voice and the looks he had...however, he is still a good looking older man. At this point in time hes only in the biz for the money. Even though, I would like to meet him. I still dont know why he is so into Hindu women??? what about us Celtic girls?
What do age and looks have to do with the music? If it matters that much to you, then you're a very shallow person. He's in it for the money? The man has more money than God, give me a friggin break!! If he was in it for the money don't you think he'd be doing more popular material, something that might get played on the radio? What's on the inside matters the most. And not all of his women have been Hindu, have you forgotten Tori?
Hey I dont mean anything bad, I LOOOVEE Planty!! I just wish he would make some celtic babies. with me. hehehe. Ya he has money but there is always room for more.
he'd still be married to his orginal wife if he had become an accountant.... and this inane conversation wouldn't even exist.
I still love his looks ..
His saggy face should be posted on every cosmetic surgeon's door!
Dang....and I thought I hated him.
My question is simply why did he age so quickly? He's only 62 but looks 12 or more years older.
Someone commented on his ability to still rock and is he now capable of doing so with such a saggy face. What a rediculous comment, I cant see how one has anything to do with the other.
Johnny Cash did some of his best work, truly best, on the long end of his career. Wisdom comes with age and with Cash his wisdom rang through quite clearly in the autume of his life.
As for Plant's looks, perhaps losing 15 or 20 pounds and spend some quality gym time would chizzel him up a bit. I would agree with a post that suggests that he cut his hair. When I was around in the 70's it was difficult to judge the ages of many of the long haired performers because too much hair around the face ages a man. Guys in they're 20's looked like much older men to me cause I couldn't see their faces ( wore my hair long too btw). On a guy in his 50's or 60's too much hair puts age on the man, it is not youthful in anyway. Check out the guys from the Who, they all where their hair short and have done so 10-15 years.
When I was young I might have commented on how much older he is looking ... I am glad he chose NOT to have work done. He looks fine . .
Robert Plant is nothing but a low street huckster. His ugly, sagging face matches his soul. After this tour he will retire, polish silver and count coins. That will be his job for now on. When he dies he will die alone the poorest of men. His spirit bound to blackness will be held as minor in service of Lucifer. Happy will be my dawn.
i'm 54 now.Fell in love with this man @ age 14. Still love him no matter how old he gets.After all aren't we all???? Can still make my heart flutter.
I will be seeing him in about 10 days at the Hard Rock Ft. Lauderdale. I saw him many times with Led Zep starting in 1969 and I don't care how old he gets or how he looks, I am thankful he didn't get "work" done to his face making him look like a freak !!!
Venus says that because she wants him ..
Robert Plant masks an outward face of charm and wit but he is a sociopathic slime ball. A hood pull reveals nothing more than an all consumed over ambitious, self absorbed luciferian Svengali. He is violent, evil and does not respect woman (a subspecies meant only to kneel and serve him). When he can he will take her art, call it his own and profit off it. He has damaged (and ended) lives and does not care as long as he profits in money or fame – he is an abomination, a liar, a killer and total douche.
You can have him.
Venus dear, are you all right? I think you should see a psychiatrist the sooner the better, because so much hatred can't be normal... Even if Plant were as you say he is, this is no excuse for your reaction. The way you wrote your comment shows that you are in a serious emotional distress.
Why do you care if I hate him? I didn't originate this page and I am not alone in hatred within the forest. This is what this wall is for. I will not shed one tear when this bastard dies.. So prattle on in the illusion your assumption of love the creature has cast...
No one would look twice at Robert Plant if he was some other geezer. His job was to sing songs and may be bring some people temporary happiness nothing more. Why is that more exceptional than a heart surgeon or a farmer? You all are a bunch of deprived middle aged hags who think he is relevant. Get a life (or a vibrator)!
You never had my permission. So what does that really make you? Turning your back to the past doesnt change what you are. All the grammy's in the world doesn't change what you are. You have no love for anything but yourself. You are transparent and I will never respect you as a man.
You are dead.
1-25-80 - 4-1-01
Hope it was worth the price bitches!
And yes your brothers blood is on your hands no water will ever wash it away you cold hearted evil scrying bastard.
Sad was the fate that brought me to you.
I'm sorry Robert Plant hurt you. Look on the bright side though - you don't have to look at his ugly ghoulish face. No mask needed for him tonight!
I will never miss this face. Thank God its gone.
The rate that his face is falling, it will be down to the ground in 5 years.
Robert Plant polishes silver and pretends to be relevant. He's really a filthy pig. Oink Oink Oink.
Robert Plant is dead. Yay!
One can never remove the savage of the english-a saxon fact.

ROBERT PLANT you harmed me when I was very young against my will and profited off it. You are violent and evil guised in wit charm. Fucking empty charade. Your time is done. Fuck You - rattling geezer.
robert plant is a hurdy gurdy monkey bitch. he steals everything as long as his dumb ass fans turn the money crank. puppet boy loser.
This is sad. There is NOTHING wrong with Robert's appearance. Why not try to keep your glass 1/2 full, so you will always have something to drink. You obviously are parched of intelligence. Robert Plant is like a kindred spirit, and his talent immortal. Not everyone thrives on negativity. It must be a very sad exist
well Teresa-
Good to see you're okay with someone who has harmed and damaged young lives with their fame ticket. Although he's not the first or last. Is this 'half full' attribute good enough for your standard? I'm glad to be unintelligent by your half glass judgment - at least I am not blind to the subhuman creature he is.
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