Thursday, November 10, 2005


Robert Plant: A close-up

Robert Plant's face
Here's a close-up of what Robert Plant's face looks like recently. Look at all those lines and imperfections. What do you think it says about his face?

I say you are NEVER to old to rock,and it shows experience and wisdom,however,that not good enough to keep me around,or come back!
I review Blogs,that's what they pay me for anyhow,and I am always in search for some new talent.
I send my reviews to over 400 Yahoo and Google groups all over the world,thereby promoting myself by promoting them,so if you know where I can find a good blog that as an original theme backed by good writing with at least an attempt at originality(see past reviews for sample)let me know!Must dash,the search continues,there's nothing here so....
I've heard more than enough Zep in my time, mainly due to how lame radio is. That said, I still think they're great and further he's one of (if not the) best vocalists in the biz. If he still has the pipes, let him sing - even with the butter face.
he used to be gorgeous.

he's all old and ugly.
You are an idiot.
Robert is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I find him to be just as attractive today, as 30 years ago. Just because he has wrinkles & "imperfections" means nothing, especially when it comes to his music. Try focusing on that instead of if he has wrinkles...he's nearly 60! Just because he's Robert Plant doesn't mean he is not human.
He's a beautiful man.
I like him, his face, his music and his voice...
as someone who grew up in the 60's-70's, we ALL look "a little seasoned" happens to everyone. One of the best I ever heard, he will NEVER be too old to rock....what kind of shit is that? Led Zeppelin is one of the corner stones of rock, so give the man his due...with allthose that are dead now, we still can enjoy him. MTGALVAL
This is a very silly blog, but I am forced to comment. One must look at the larger picture. We see the youth of the world, the beauty of youth somehow (and when most arent looking) turns into the huntch backed and haggardly grizzled old men with one snaggle tooth flappin' in the breeze. How does this happen? When does this happen? Time is a major bitch!
Given this and given that Plant is a very very wealthy man, one must give him MAJOR points for letting it all "hang out" and not get the typical hollywood/LA style false plastic look. Think of it this way... Who would you rather sit around a campfire and tell you a story, Robert or George Hamilton? Mr. Plants face is authentic with classic style and timeless beauty as is his music, both great. Bravo Robert!
You have got to be kidding me!!! What does his face have to do with his music?!? You have not been paying attention this year and BRAVO to the prev post
I admire Robert Plant now more than ever. Have you heard his latest release Mighty Rearranger ? It's awesome. I'm 45 ,listen to a variety of music, but still love Zep and Robert Plant as well as Jimmy Page. Robert looks great and is sexy as ever!!!!!
I compare Robert to fine wine....his looks & his talent improve with age.
First: You are never to old to rock and roll. Robert has always had the best voice in the business. The best personality, one with truth, humor and compasion for everyone. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. The old addage "Beauty is only skin deep" is so true. I have seen many very beautiful people on the outside that were horible people to know. Robert will always be a person I would like to know.
Where is my previous post???
Anyway I had added that I wondered what had happened to the beautiful man he once was one the outside. 15 years usually doesn't change a persons's look this much. I think he is beautiful on the inside. You can tell by his sweet smile. I still take him in a heartbeat if I could.
What happened to the beautiful face this man had less than 15 years ago? I don't care if he is 56, he has aged quickly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would still have him in a heartbeat if I could. No matter what the outside, you can tell he is a sweet good heart inside just by his smile. Please keep on performing! He's definitely not to old for that!
He's the guy, the one and only Robert Plant...a few wrinkles don't scare me. After all these years I'd still take him in a heartbeat. Oooh yeah!!
you cockchafer - the man is nearly sixty and has lived hard. let's see what your face looks like, eh?
Lets face the 70s, no man was as killer gorgeous. I love his face now as much as I did then. Those lines tell a helluva story...accident,divorce,death, laughter, love, alcohol- all lived under the microscope of fame. How would we hold up? This man is a survivor with a beautiful soul and the heart and vocal chords of a lion. Rock on Robert baby and keep showing all the little boys and girls( and some around your age)in the business how its done, both onstage and off.
Okay, I'm prejudice, but Robert's still beautiful to me :D And he sure can still sing. I've seen 3 concerts of his recently and they thrilled me still (yes, I DID see Zeppelin live) That voice & energy live on!
It's a shame what drugs have done to his beautiful face and voice.
Years of incrdible success mixed with undeniable tragedy and world travel (including many trips to the hottest of deserts..) will do that to a person. I'm not going to re-hash the same stories that most of us know, except to say the personal things Plant has been through are just as intense as any public standing he may have.

Plant is a true icon in every sense, as a person and performer. He's not in it for the paycheck. Plant's integrity is unsurpassed in the music business. At 60, he looks pretty damn good actually. I don't think I'll be rockin like that at 60, and don't know many who do. I much prefer listen to the music, than worry about his so-called facial imperfections. Puuuhleeeeze!
why dont you guys get a life? the man in his 50,s does your dad or uncle have hair like his at their age? do they have health problems? and are they the talk of the internet? do they have more money than almost god? jees Robert Plant and Zeppelin are All human beings just like us DONT FORGET THAT and they get old too and they doe like us too but many or most will be forgotten Rober Plant wont and 100 years from they,ll be talking bout the charismatic founder of sex,drugs and rock n roll and thats Led Zeppelin and its members and yes that includes Robert Plant!! get a life bloggers pleeease!! the mans human
BEAUTIFULL because no plastic surgery thank goodness just take a look at silicon valley Oscar night full of face lifted masks, implanted ugly people Robert Plant has beauty.
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I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert Plant on 4 separate occasions.He is extremely handsome when you see him in person. The photos of him do not do him justice. He looks mature but is still very handsome indeed. Robert will never be too old to rock and roll.
In these pix he looks ***ing terrible, but he is at least 57, has lived the lives of twenty men, so what do you expect ??

I saw him up close in early 2003 at the riverside studios and he looked fantastic up close

I'd almost turn gay for him, but at the end of the day he is still a fantastic singer and performer so stop complaining or else kidnap the old codger and whisk him off for a face lift if his beery jowels upset you
I think Robert Plant is awsome.He has a beautiful soul and and he is very handsome.He also sings great music that anyone can enjoy.
When someone told me about this I couldn't believe it. It's sad for you that you can't see past looks to appreciate the soul of people. I hope you rethink this, or a tragic scenario awaits you as you move through your life because you, and everyone you love, will grow old. Will you make fun of them and ridicule them for it? And what will you do when your face in the mirror reflects back lines and wrinkles and gray hair?

As for Robert, he is much loved by me and so many others, so this page hurts some of us a bit. But, I have a idea he would have a chuckle at it, and encourage us all to do the same. Ahhh...Robert Plant *sigh* So beautiful. He is absolutely the hottest man I have ever seen yesterday, today and forever. And nothing is going to change that.
How sad that all you could think of to do with your time was to put together this b-log.
Robert may have aged, but he's lived a life of adventure many of us can only dream of.
Having met Robert, he is one of the most intelligent, warm and genuine people i have ever met and those qualities shine out of his face.
He still posesses one of the most powerful unique voices in rock and uses it to great effect as he continues to push the boundaries with his music.
I loved him then and now! He is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is still hot!
He was beautiful when he was young and he is still beautiful. I would hate to see him with a plastic surgery face. I think Robert Plant took what he could get with his young pretty face, but it was the music that mattered. when I look at him now, he hasn't changed.
It says he's lived a long and happy life. I find him incredibly sexy and he has a LOT of charisma. Despite what you think, I'm 100% sure he has no shortage of women. Where can I sign up? LOL
That's the problem with the music industry,the focus is all on the external.I find Robert Plant,to be handsome and he has a young body.As long as he can walk,sing and laugh he's never too old.
You know, his ex-lover is behind this.You pre-age because of alot of things drugs,smoking, death of love ones and baby mama drama.And being used by Alannah Myles to further her career(it didn't work)
I'm sure the juice still runs down his leg without any problems.
It's not just his face its the whole package, and if you see him on any recent interview hes still got that aura....A truly beautiful man.....(and i saw him in 77..)Incredible.I'd go for him in MILLISECOND
Robert Plant's face shows exactly where he has been. His music is great. I feel I understand what he is trying to show to the world. Life has meaning, but to understand what life is all about you must live and learn. He has taught us alot through his music. Everyone gets a different message from his music. Keep on rockin, you look great!
i think that robert plant's face shows that he has abused his body as a young man, and since, he experienced the sagging of his eyebrows, lines when he tries to smile, and even his hair looks sagging and hopeless. Some may say you are never to old to rock, but he also commonly sings like crap compared to recordings. I don't think plant will withstand it. If he goes all out in the ahmet ertgun tribute, he'll die! I mean, look at him! He's only 59 but he looks like someone at 70 or 80!
i cant believe it. he used to be a good looking guy but now he's transformed
I saw him in 77 close up, and yes he was the most beautiful male specimen on the one has ever come close.
Now I look at him and he is still beautiful, in a more experienced way...What a beautiful man..And by the way my face has changed a little in 30 years, too.
he doesn't look good anymore. at least not for only a 59 year old
Robert plant is Robert Plant and he still looks good and sounds good. So he has aged, we all have if we were born in the 60"s and 70"s. I still love him and i think he is still sexy i watched the viedo with Allision Krauss and he still had that sexy appeal to him and his voice still rocked.I would not kick him out of my bed ever...
Robert Plant forever and still the man.
it's not that he aged, it's that his whole face has changed. his sagged eyebrows and lines are making him almost incomparable to his 70's self let alone his 1993 self!
I saw Led Zeppelin in 1970 when I was 20 years old. That makes me 2 years younger than Robert. I didn't follow LZ after 1972 but when I read about the O2 Reunion concert, I was intrigued and started listening/watching their performances on YouTube and buying their albums. When you're that young, as I was, it was all about how cool they were, and only now do I realize that they are brilliant rock musicians. Robert especially has continued to evolve, even if unevenly.

That said, and respecting all the changes age can bring, I'm still shocked at his appearance. I still think he's very attractive but I can't see the young man he was in his face, as I still can with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Call it the aging process, hard living, too much sun, health problems or large weight gains and losses, he really does look much older than his years. But he still rocks! Nothing else is needed to be said.
please do not make comments about how robert has aged, he has aged respectfully, and I think he more than anyone deserves respect, I have met him, he is beautiful, wonderful and gorgeous, I have been a life long fan of his.
He has aged gracefully, and saying and pointing out how he looks is disrespectful.. He is robert, the most wonderful singer in the world, please leave him alone,and do not make comments. thank you pauline.
he didn't age gracefully. he looks ugly now. his face is the residue of drug and alcohol abuse as well as putting on some weight in the 90's. whether or not he had plastic surgery he still looks terrible. and he sounds terrible too. his voice sounds like someone gargling salt water. gross.

and also he colors his hair. stupid waste of time. he's already old, the hair coloring changes nothing.
your comments are totally ignored, how dare you, he is beautiful in my eyes, and will always be, since your not a fan, get lost.
i suggesgt you find another web site to post, try old grannies .com f ..k Off
i am an enormous fan of zepp. but i just don't think you should say everything about him is great. its not. he doesn't look or sound good anymore. he od'd on drugs and his voice is shot. don't deny it now
give me a break. at the reunion he sounded terrible. he has a turkey neck. he used to be amazing, now he's a little short of amazing. i love the zepp of the 70s, but that time is gone. i always look back on it.

all i want to point out is that you can still be critical of someone you are a fan of. i just don't think that he sounds like the robert plant from zepp days. and thats sad
I am not an old granny, far from it, look at yourself, and stop being so horrible, you obviously do not know what the word respect means, leave robert plant alone.
robert plant looks very old. he didn't age gracefully, because if he did, he wouldn't have a turkey neck and lines all over his face.

roger waters maybe you could say "aged gracefully", or rick wright from pink floyd may have aged gracefully, but robert plant looks about 1000 years old. even jimmy page with his white hair looks younger than robert plant
Well, I am not going to continue this disrespectful discussion anymore.I refer to differ.
ahahaha i get the joke! you're rhyming! you clever bastard, you!
you are offensive, leave me alone, and get off this discussion, your a disgrace.
This comment has been removed by the author.
at least i don't suck up to rock stars like some stupid groupie. he is in bad shape, vocally and in terms of his appearance. stop denying it you goddamn sissy
I am not answering anymore, say what you want, I don t care. I have said what I think,and believe.
Robert Plant is the SEXIEST man alive!!! I still see him the same way i see him on his old records..he is my romodel and i look up to him like no other...his music opens a part of me and i respect him dearly for his talents he has showed me...i adore him and all i see is his great heart inside...he is still a feather in the wind, a free spirited peace loveing hippy like me...if i seen him in person i would tell him how much he really meens to have to see within a person not just on the outside.
please tell me there's no more!!!

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Thank you Lucifer god of the morning dawn for not letting me wake up to this every morning! AMEN! Now put your teeth back in! How's that for a lame shot? lol
This site is so crazy. Robert Plant is close to 60 lets see how the rest of us look at that age. I bet most of the US is fat and disgusting at least this guy can sing and he's not FAT like half of the Americans. So he has wrinkles sorry to say we are all headed there if we are lucky enough to live that long unless we get some botox, collagen or a face lift.
I hope this dude retires because he is beyond ugly on so many levels it makes me vomit (which comes out prettier than his face).
Has anyone purchased Roger Waters Tickets from the website
Robert Plant does not have blue eyes and I'll bet it hangs real LOW...ewww
Atleast he hasnt fucked with nature and made himself look rediculess by getting a lift like everyone else in the media, good for him. I dont think he looks bad, just not as sexy as he was say in the 90's (yum). His voice remains amazing, Im hooked on Now and Zen- cracking stuff.
He is and ever shall be beautiful; body and shining soul.
Deplorable subhuman. Take out your teeth and jerk it to an 11 year old school girl you PED
The ugliest man on the planet on so many levels bar none.
close up on his face?...give me a break! He was the voice of the greatest rock and roll band!
Robert Plant speaks through voices of other musicians. He has nothing to say, but a penny to collect. Throw down the feather your time is done! Retire to the far away hills til you're called to kneel before the real master - and it aint Jesus. You evil, violent, vile fraud! I hate you, Jimmy & Roy. Fuck yourselves.
Robert Plant is a rad singer/ songwriter and a total sex god. He still gives me a thrill and makes me feel like the teenage girl who loved him so. But I got to agree, he looks closer to 70 than 60. Although even in his mid 40's he was a weathered looking 40 something. The weird thing is that in his old age he looks more like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red than himself. Ewwwww !!! But he's still Robert and a total sex god. Rock on Rob.
Robert Plant 1948-2001. It is true the dead can dance.
How foolish! All of us if we are old, we grow old. Nobody is young forever. What matters is that he is still a remarkable and talented man.
In his early 20s, Robert Plant looked like a Greek god indeed, but, after his child died in 1977, he seemed to have aged at least 10 years, and he continued to look 10 years older than his actual age ever since.

Look at the Led Zep Seattle concert in 1977 and at the Knebworth Festival concert in 1979. In 1977 Robert looked his age, 29, two years later he looked like a man in his early 40s.
It wasn't the drugs, guys, stop saying that. Plant never had a problem with the drugs. However, it is a stated fact that emotional traumas can make people age faster.
Robert Plant was never a greek god! Gross! His saxon nose is way too big. Give me a break!
This guy fucked more broads in the 70s than any normal man will in a lifetime.
Actually, that's not a bad picture of Robert Plant. And I thought this would be a very shallow topic to discuss... but was stunned by all the hatred on this blog. I'm not surprised by it's vulgarity, though. Because bloggers with that much hatred inside of them have to follow it up with vulgarity to shock others, to feel that they're being heard... it's pathetic. For those who are confused about his age; he was born in Aug. '48, that makes him 63.
Robert is gorgeous inside and out. How he looks really doesn't matter. I personally think he is still sexy. He makes great music. : D I don't think he will ever be ugly. Btw that's mean to say.
Robert Plant is a vulgar man. It's not our fault you see him through rose colored lenses - most people do. He's had sex with tons of underaged girls, cheated on his wife, is completely stuffed with pride,and is a total unstable asshole. If you don't want clarity on your illusion of him then don't come here. I have no respect for him as a man, I can't stand his face, he's not hot or even relevant. I come here to see what others think of him and a lot of people can't stand him and his face either. One of his legions of ex-lovers probably put this up with good reason too. He is a heartless ugly soul, with an ugly spirit to match.

So next time you see/hear him sing 'hallelujah' just know it means nothing to him. Feckin hypocrite!
This is way old, but Robert needs a conservative, non-tight face-lift like Ozzy Osbourne. It can be done in such a way the person looks their age but refreshed. I had a partial face lift a few years back and it's the best thing I've ever done. Almost no one noticed, I just looked a bit better and less bloated. I had jowls but don't anymore. Men don't usually care about what they look like though.
When Robert Plant dies I won't be sad. I will piss on his grave. Yay!
Seriously people age. Try imagine yourself in 40 years. You'll never know what you will really like like. Fuck off he doesn't look bad and EVERYONE is imperfect. Robert Plant will still remain one of the best rock singers of all time.
Percy is a legend , age has F*** all
to do with it , the rockn roll life style is part of it all , the man rocks, and may he continue

cancel my subscription to the zep resurrection! dead zeppelin may it be ever so!
& robert plant is a used up he-whore skank
Is this where we get tickets to see leds zepplin?
He was once impossibly beautiful and now time has done what time does. His ageing wasn't a linear progression, sometime in the late 1990s he went from being a naturally older man - to a much older man. Quite suddenly. Hope nothing happened to cause that.

His music is still beautiful - and so is he: but a visibly much, much, older man. I have the feeling Robert Plant is very, very, glad to say goodbye to the 'Golden God' and at last be able to be the serious musician he is - and one on a voyage of discovery.

So much of Led Zeppelin was a huge exploration. I saw him once (about 15 years ago) at the Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire, wandering around, simply taking in the music and atmosphere and standing in queues. I'm sure his lemons are where they always were :-) - but now he's allowing the guy inside to appear as well - and still surprising us. He's a whole bunch of interesting people. He carries memories of our own youth and beauty with us - and like him, mirrors are less kind to us than once they were.
I have loved Led Zeppelin since the moment I heard them at 15 and so pleased when my sons embraced the music when they were growing up. I was born in early 50's, them in mid 80's, 30 year span and the music is still alive. Even took my 14 year old son after much begging to see Page and Plant in Dallas. Both of my boys and myself are true Zep fans, how many groups can say they span generations? Thank you Robert Plant, I love your face and always have. Keep on Rockin'
Robert lived in the lime light. He was chased after by beautiful women in his prime. So as far as him sleeping with many, (and you should check your sources, so you can not stand corrected) it comes with the status. This is sad. There is NOTHING wrong with Robert's appearance. Why not try to keep your glass 1/2 full, so you will always have something to drink. You obviously are parched of intelligence. Robert Plant is like a kindred spirit, and his talent immortal. Not everyone thrives on negativity.
Old is Gold that ever shines Sindhi Songs
He is old but not gold.
I'll keep my comment under some control. I don't worship idols. It's impossible not to LOVE this man and the face that GOD gave him. Sure he's sexy but most important is he's all about love. The natural aging shows a lot to be said about his character. I couldn't listen to his music for 40 years as it hit my heart deeply. I cried to his songs for 40 years but now I want to catch up. No artist better except GOD.
You're stupid. Robert Plant is a talentless asshole. Comparing him to God is ludicrous. He is a notorious predator of women. He would rape and devalue you (while 'writing' a song to profit off you). Go ahead and be blinded by his cunning 'charm'. He's got no soul and thrives off the talent of others. As for his face, even in youth there was no hiding the ugly offset English look. Long with a big assed nose. Now his face is flat and sagging - he has no teeth and ugly narrow set eyes. His ego is the size of Mt. Everest and his pride - that of Satan.....The negatives outweigh the positives.....

If only a tidal wave would come and wipe the UK out.
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's my fault,ok. I taught him how to lay out in the sun. He had no clue. It was Tucson and he being from England told me he didn't get much sun. So, we laid out in the sun.
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